IVC Digital Film Center Expands Technical Excellence with Addition of New Spirit 4K DataCine® and Bones™ Post Workflow Software

Spirit 4K and Bones Solution allows IVC to expand 4K scanning services to mainstream and independent Hollywood communities

Weiterstadt, Germany - June 3, 2009 – DFT Digital Film Technology, provider of high-end post production solutions, today announced that Los Angeles-based, IVC Digital Film Center, a Point 360 company, has expanded their 2K / 4K film scanning, remastering, and archival services with the new Spirit 4K DataCine and Bones solution.

IVC Digital Film Center is one of the industry's largest Digital Intermediate (DI), Digital Cinema and HD Mastering facilities and has been providing the mainstream and independent film and commercial industry with services for more than 20 years.

"Our new Spirit 4K DataCine and Bones system has allowed us to expand our services to the next level to meet our customer's requirements," states Revis Scott Call, IVC Vice President and General Manager. "The Spirit's high scanning speed, multi-standard, high resolution support, Bones software integration and comprehensive feature set, provides us with a data-centric approach that keeps us at the technological forefront of our industry."

With more than 360 units installed worldwide, the DFT Spirit family product line is the industry standard for high-resolution film transfers. Spirit scans 4K material up to 7.5 fps and 2K up to 25 fps (real-time), provides 16-bit RGB internal processing and 4K Infiniband Data output. It offers built-in 4K primary color correction, safe continuous motion capstan film transport, and a real-time scaling engine for 4K to 2K conversions. Spirit 4K leverages the Kodak Advanced Imaging Subsystem with customized precision optics for 16 mm and 35 mm film. Spirit 4K also features optical matching for print, negative and intermediate stocks and can be upgraded with internal 4K/2K six-sector color processing and film grain reduction.

The Spirit 4K DataCine at IVC utilizes the Bones post production software to transfer film material into a digital file format for color grading, and other digital intermediate processes. The Bones Data Transfer and Mover software modules manage the data transfer, delivery and archiving. Features and modules can be easily added to Bones to meet IVC's future post production requirements.

The Spirit 4K and Bones resolution-independent software are compatible with major graphics, compositing, and other post-production systems, which ensure a seamless integration into the existing IVC infrastructure.

IVC is using the Spirit 4K DataCine and Bones post production software on a variety of applications including; remastering for Blu-Ray releases, archival film transfers, new production film transfer to digital data and more.

About IVC Digital Film Center

Located in Burbank, California, USA, IVC Digital Film Center, a Point 360 Company, is one of the industry's largest Digital Intermediate (DI), Digital Cinema and HD Mastering facilities, with a 20 year reputation for technical excellence. IVC's services include: film-to-4K, 2K and HD / 4K, 2K & film-to-HD; data to/from HD; 35mm filmout; advanced digital restoration; HD editing, sound services; quality assurance, and standards conversion for worldwide technical deliveries. IVC's client list includes every major Hollywood studio. For more information please visit: http://www.point360.com.

About Digital Film Technology

DFT Digital Film Technology Weiterstadt GmbH provides high-end post production solutions for a variety of commercial media, film and content markets including; film studios, broadcast operations, advertising, and post production facilities.

DFT products include the Spirit family of film scanners and telecines, Scream grain management, LUTher color calibration tool, and the Bones digital intermediate (DI) and restoration workflow solution.

The entire DFT team is highly regarded within the industry and is dedicated to uncompromised product and technology development, as well as superior sales and support services. Digital Film Technology is headquartered in Weiterstadt, Germany and has regional offices in London, Sydney, Bangkok, Chicago, Salt Lake City and Los Angeles. DFT is independently owned by PARTER Capital Group, a Frankfurt, Germany private equity investment group.

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