Servo system

  • Despite the very fast scanning speeds, SCANITY handles aged film extremely safely. If film is unwind from its spool or core a static charge may build up. This charge is neutralized with conductive rollers in the film deck.
  • To minimize or avoid this charge build up prior to the first roller, the only way is to reduce the winding speed.
  • SCANITY allows the user to limit the speed to a certain setting to ensure that the film material is handled as gently as is appropriate for that stock
  • The faster the scanning speed the more light is needed and consequently the higher the thermal stress on the film
  • With SCANITY, the use of low power LEDs for illuminating the film is now possible (instead of xenon or halogen), because of the use of the most recent and most sophisticated sensor technology
  • The sensor is about 50 times more sensitive than comparable sensor technologies in other scanners
  • This provides another safety feature. The narrow spectral responses of the LEDs used in SCANITY prevents thermal stress that may harm even sensitive films