Benjamin Alimi

French lab Hiventy is proud to enjoy the Scanity WetGate technology since the beginning of this year. The WetGate system gives us the opportunity to scan the most damaged films with a state-of-the-art quality and in very secure conditions when the source material is fragile. The WetGate system enables us to restore scratches on film in an analog way, which decreases the time spent in digital restoration afterwards.

Robert Keske

When our clients have made the choice to shoot on film, they’ve made a big investment – both financially and in the quality of their imagery.

dft's Scanity aids us in helping them to preserve that investment, as well as to deliver it at the highest quality possible.

Benjamin Alimi

We are very satisfied with our Scanity which enables us to scan ancient films with great care and with an amazing resolution

KAVI - Finnish National Audiovisual Institute

Film digitisation has been an ongoing project in KAVI since 2012. After setting up an archiving system for digital assets and a workflow for post production and restoration, we chose the dft Scanity for its gentle film handling and high speed 4k scanning.

Using Scanity, we have produced nearly a petabyte of digital materials, and in 2015 we scanned, restored and mastered 55 feature films and more than 350 short films and documentaries.

Robert Keske

Our clients put a lot of work into shooting high quality imagery. dft's Scanity scans at 4K to carry that level of quality into our post workflow and aids us in delivering beautiful content across any medium.

Eye Film

We are happy with the Scanity, and find that it treats our films very gently


We are impressed with the speed, the gentle film-handling, the resolution, dynamic range, and ease of operation of dft's Scanity. Reliability is always a major factor, and we place a big emphasis upon commissioning, training and after-sales support. Our experience with dft has been exemplary. Although we are on the other side of the world, we have rapid response to any questions, and are continually impressed by the expertise of dft's front-line staff.

Martin Weiss

Scanity enabled us to scan material that would have otherwise been lost (as it could not be restored in an analogue way). It also lets us preserve as much of the film as possible, by allowing us to overscan; scanning the frame and other information that is around the picture frame without a resolution penalty

Ian Gilmour

The dft Scanity performs very well in the gentle handling of fragile, shrunken film and efficient scanning of soundtracks and images at high resolution.

Paul Korver

In choosing a scanner, I wanted the best technology possible, and we took about a year to find the Scanity. What blew us away was it’s dynamic range. Vision 3 stocks have 3.1-3.3 density range. All other scanners were hovering around 2.3 density, the Scanity came in at a whopping 3.5. This should be great news for DPs who want all that information to play with in their DI.

Khairunizam Abd Sukor

SCANITY's high-speed film scanning with exceptional image quality allows us to leverage our services to the Malaysian film market. It provides us with many more tools than a traditional Telecine, which we were using prior to our new purchase. Now we can scan and generate multiple file formats for use throughout our DI processes.

Paul Korver

With archival films, you’re often dealing with spliced film; other scanners don’t hold focus over splice bumps, but due to its deeper depth of field, the Scanity’s frames are always in focus. Scanity’s IR channel helps with [Death Valley Days’] color episodes, addressing dirt and defects on top of the film as well as scratches in the film in a “precise way that’s faster and more efficient ” than other platforms.